Friday, September 3, 2010

"More Wrong" - 1st Spline Pass

I'm not sure if anyone looks at these, but it helps me if I post a video when I hit a milestone. :) I've done a spline pass for all three shots. I've still got a lot of polishing to do, but I've been looking at it too long, and I'd like some crits before I get too much further along. Comments and feedback are much appreciated!!! The line is from the TV show "The Big Bang Theory."


3rdPoly said...

Very good, love the lipsync.
1. green char, his hips are a little too loose before the camera change.. little to side to side movement.
2. green chars facial expressions, the eye brows are a bit much I think, exaggarated. But liking the lines! Series is amazing.
Nothing really to mention about sheldon. (blue ;))
Would love to get hold of the models to make my own animations. If you could point me in the right direction I would happy.

Valerie Morrison said...

Thanks for the comments!
I used Norman, a free Maya rig.